Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Kevin Minch

The Director of the Institute for Academic Outreach is Dr. Kevin Minch, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Curricula and Outreach and Professor of Communication. Dr. Minch has been associated with the Joseph Baldwin Academy for ten years while at Truman and previously served as Director of Truman’s Show Me Forensics Institute.  He has worked with several other summer programs for secondary school students, including ones housed at the University of Kansas and Yale and serves as a consultant in fine arts programming for the National Federation of State High School Associations.  In his role, he oversees a broad range of outreach and continuing education programs serving populations beyond the Truman campus.

Dean of the Academy

The Dean of the Academy is Jared Young. The Dean sets the curriculum, selects the faculty, and oversees the staff. Mr. Young, an alumni of Truman State University, served as a JBA preceptor and videographer during his undergraduate career. Prior to working at the University, he worked as a Title I and 6th grade teacher in rural Northeast Missouri. He now teaches in the Communication Department at Truman, Manages the Del and Norma Robison Planetarium, and works with all other summer programs for secondary school school students.  STAPH 2017 will be Mr. Young’s fifth year associated with the Academy




All faculty listed served with STAPH in 2016. An updated list of faculty and staff will be posted as assignments for 2017 are completed.

Michele Boyd

Ms. Boyd is the Head Athletic Trainer and an Instructor in Health and Exercise Science at Truman State University. She will lead instruction in Basic Lifesaver Training.

Professor Sal Costa

Professor Costa is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and has been at Truman since 1975. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University), plus numerous other graduate hours and study. He also attended Southern Illinois University, Monterey Institute of Technology, and seminars at Louisiana State University, Tulane, and St. Louis University. His research interests are in the area of hypnosis for memory and recall for testing and motivation. In addition he is interested in research concerning psychopathy and personality disorders.

Cassie DeBlau

Ms. DeBlau is an Assistant Athletic Trainer at Truman State University. She will assist in instruction for Basic Lifesaver Training.

Dr. Jeremy Houser

Dr. Houser holds a joint appointment at AT Still University and previously taught at Truman. At Truman he taught courses in Movement Neuroscience and Human Anatomy. He taught anatomy labs for both Truman and ATSU. He worked at Truman from 2002-2012 before moving to ATSU full-time. He previously worked for NASA at the Johnson Space Center as a scientist in their Neuroscience labs, investigating movement issues of astronauts. His research interests are in the area of sensory/motor adaptation. Dr. Houser received his PhD in Movement Neuroscience from the University of Houston. He earned his BA in Health Promotion, Fitness, and Wellness from the University of Iowa, and his MA in Exercise Science-Biomechanics from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.



Liz Jorn

Professor Jorn received her Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Exercise Science. Her B.S. degree was also from Truman with an emphasis in sports management as well as teaching and coaching. She will be working with Professor Bird on our unit in nutrition.

Pam Melvin

Professor Melvin is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Truman State University, having earned her BSN from Truman State University and her MSN from the University of Central Missouri. She specializes in topics such as Rural Family Nursing and Quality Improvement.

Andrea Richards, M.Ed.

In 2004, Truman was happy to welcome Andrea Richards as an instructor in Communication Disorders. Ms. Richards has many years of clinical experience serving children and adults in the Kirksville area, and continues to provide services at the Northeast Regional Medical Center. Dysphagia (swallowing disorders) is one of her clinical specialties. Ms. Richards has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, including Introduction to communication disorders, Organization and Administration of Communication Disorders Programs, and courses in adult language and neurogenics. Recently Ms. Richards has been supervising student clinicians providing services via the telehealth link at the Truman Speech and Hearing Clinic.